Designing and conducting interviews is a crucial skill for any product manager and one of the most effective ways to test your hypotheses. 

This module explores different types of interviews and delves into how to write and conduct interviews while managing biases. We will look at why we conduct User Interviews and what we are trying to learn from them. We will break down the components of an interview, and how different interview structures apply to different stages of the product lifecycle.

This module will provide you with the tools you need to create an interview script and conduct successful interviews while avoiding bias or leading,

What we Cover

  • 1

    User Interviews

    • Learning Objectives

    • Introduction to User Interviews

    • Using Personas

    • Framework: User Personas

  • 2

    Building an Interview Guide

    • Components Of An Interview

    • Building an Interview Guide

    • Practice: Interview Guide

  • 3

    Interview Tips

    • Getting the Most Out of Your Interviews

    • Bonus Activity: Interview Practice

  • 4


    • Download: Running a Round of Customer Interviews

    • Further Reading

Meet Your Instructor

Director of UX, Cazoo

Saielle DaSilva

Saielle DaSilva helps companies find their customers, meet those customers' needs, and do it in a way that's viable for building businesses. She has worked for companies big and small on everything from network infrastructure to IoT and machine learning. Companies like AT&T, Amazon, and Pivotal have worked with Saielle to advance their design, data science, and product management practices. She advocates for diversity in tech organizations and helps companies apply user centered design to internal processes and hiring. Saielle is currently a product leader and Director of UX design at a London startup.