Stakeholder Management

In this module, we'll take a deep-dive into organisational relationships and the importance of proactive stakeholder management. We'll explore stakeholder mapping, building trust through stakeholder interviews, how to build a communication strategy, and reporting out. 

What we Cover

  • 1

    Welcome to Stakeholder Management

    • Learning Objectives

    • Why Stakeholder Management?

    • Activity: Outline Your Goals & Reflect on Your Skills

  • 2

    Understanding Your Stakeholders

    • In This Section

    • Mapping your Stakeholders

    • Activity: Create a Stakeholder Map

    • Building Trust with Your Stakeholders

    • Sample: Stakeholder Interview Script

    • In Discussion: Rosemary King & Papa Akuffo on Understanding Your Stakeholders

    • Quiz: How do you build trust?

  • 3

    Communicating With Your Stakeholders

    • In This Section

    • Communication Strategy

    • Activity: Building Your Comms Plan

    • Reporting Out - Crafting Your Narrative

    • In Discussion: Dave Wascha on the Importance of Storytelling

    • When To Report Out - Reporting Out Structures

    • Reporting Out: Tips for Success

    • Activity: Crafting Your Story

    • Quiz: Module Recap

  • 4

    Stakeholder Management Resources

    • Stakeholder Management Frameworks

    • Live Q&A - Stakeholder Management

    • Stakeholder Management Further Reading & Watching

    • Stuck in the Middle: Mastering Stakeholder Management by Emily Tate

    • Mindset in Singapore – Stakeholders: how to bridge the gaps and pull them in

    • Mindset: Being Empowered To Manage Your Stakeholders With Papa Akuffo

    • Where Does Product Fit? What’s Being a CPO Really Like? Dave Wascha Tells All

Meet Your Instructor

Managing Director, Mind the Product

Emily Tate

Prior to joining Mind the Product, Emily spent over 10 years in product leadership as a consultant with Pivotal Labs and product manager in the travel industry. She started her career managing software solutions for airlines before taking her experience to the traveler’s side of the journey as the product manager for a leading travel management app, TripCase. Emily is passionate about the craft of product management and loves talking about new ways to make products people love. She was listed as one of “52 Women Making an Impact in Product Management.”