In this module, we will look at how your skills and role fit into the wider product landscape. We will break down the key phases in the product development lifecycle, identifying where your work sits within that, and exploring how your mindset changes throughout that lifecycle. You will get the opportunity to look at your own career and progression by assessing your own skills and evaluating the gaps in your learning practice.

What we Cover

  • 1

    The Product Landscape

    • Learning Objectives

    • Understanding The Product Landscape

    • Skills Assessment - Worksheet

    • What Is A Product?

    • Self-Reflection: What is the Definition of Your Product?

  • 2

    Product Development Lifecycle and Learning Mindsets

    • Product Development Lifecycle and Learning Mindsets

    • Product Development Lifecycle Overview

    • Product Development Lifecycle Toolkit

    • Quiz: Product Development Lifecycle

    • Product Learning Mindsets

    • Quiz: Which Skills Map to Which Mindset?

    • Connecting Mindsets

  • 3

    Your Career and Progression

    • Your Career In Product

    • Hierarchy of Titles

    • Honing Your Craft: Beyond On The Tools

    • Using Your Skills Assessment

  • 4


    • Skills Assessments

    • Further Reading

Meet Your Instructors

Author, Product Leadership

Martin Eriksson

Martin Eriksson is a product leader, speaker, author, and expert in product practices with over 25 years of experience building products and product teams in multiple markets and industries. Martin has worked his way through the ins-and-outs of companies of various sizes, including The Financial Times, Monster (building the first SaaS offering there in 2004), Huddle, Covestor, and Cazoo. He literally wrote the book on Product Leadership, and he currently serves as the CPO-in-residence at EQT Ventures, one of Europe’s leading venture capital funds. As the Founder of ProductTank and Co-Founder and Chairman of Mind the Product – together, the world’s largest product community that brings people together in 185 cities across the globe – he’s helped define an industry and shaped the practices of a generation of product managers.

Product Coach

Rosemary King

Rosemary started her career in political campaigns and did field organising, advance and fundraising before she left politics behind for similar jobs with gov and non-profit orgs. After struggling with bad systems and tools in both areas, Rosemary went back to grad-school at NYU Wagner and earned an MPA, specialising in management and systems analysis. After completing an independent study on digital tools for civic engagement, she was hired by non-profit tech start-up Case Commons in 2010. After time with ThoughtWorks NYC, Rosemary made the jump across the pond to join the new Pivotal Labs London office as its first Product Manager. After going freelance and focusing on consulting and training, she joined Mind the Product and built their various training product. She since moved on to a variety of FinTech roles including Head of Product at Float before becoming a full-time product coach.